May, 2022

May ICE Air report

Witness at the Border, an allvolunteer organization, shines a light on the cruelty and inhumanity of current immigration policy; we bear witness to the human rights abuse of asylum seekers and refugees. Witnesses hail from across the country and abroad.
From the Tornillo, TX and Homestead, FL Child Detention Centers to the Brownsville/Matamoros border, many have stood as witnesses in solidarity with the victims of these policies; to witness and report on the mass incarceration of innocent children and the practice of forcing asylumseekers to wait in Mexico for their day in a tent court presided over by a remote judge on video, and to be faced with denial, without due process, of their legal rights to seek asylum and protection. To witness ICE Air fly those seeking protection from our country into danger and darkness, often in countries other than their own. Over 16,000 people follow Witness At The Border Facebook page and over 5,000 on Twitter.

Download the report.