Migration policies and situation in each country of the region



In Honduras, the fragile institutionality, the policy of militarization, as well as the corruption and impunity installed and deepened by the 2009 coup d’état have resulted in a human rights crisis that has forced thousands of people to be internally displaced or to leave the country in search of international protection, making the country one of origin, transit and return. In this section we present information and resources about the context of human mobility in Honduras. 

In Honduras, widespread violence, corruption and impunity, as well as institutional weakness and the deterioration of the rule of law have confronted its population with a serious and sustained human rights crisis. Thousands of Hondurans have been forced to move internally or leave the country in search of international protection, making it a country of origin and return for migrants. The absence of comprehensive responses to assist people on the move has led to a series of complex challenges in guaranteeing their human rights.

In this country report, we present the context of human mobility in Honduras and the main challenges for the defense of the rights of the population.


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Allied organizations

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