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The United States is the main destination country for migrants coming from or transiting through Mesoamerica, so its migration policy has direct implications on the rights of people on the move in the region. In this section we present information and resources on the context of human mobility in the United States. 

The United States is the main destination country for migrants transiting through and coming from Mesoamerica. Its highly changing migration policy has direct implications for the rights of migrants in the region. Given the worrying contradiction of its policies with the country’s international obligations, a series of challenges to guarantee the human rights of people in mobility stand out.

In this country report we present the context of human mobility in the United States and the main challenges for the defense of the rights of the population.

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August 23rd, 2022

Release on the Situation of Violence in Baja California

April 25th, 2022

Observatory on Racism in Mexico and Central America calls on States to generate inclusive migration agreements at the Ministerial Conference on Migration

San José August 24, 2021

Civil Society Organizations Call on the Mexican Government to Reject Any Reinstatement of MPP

San José August 6, 2021

“End this Travesty” 160+ Organizations Tell Biden to Stop Undermining Refugee Protections

San José July 22nd, 2021

Organizations call on President Biden to grant TPS to Central Americans

San Jose June 02, 2021

Statement on vice president Kamala Harris’ visit to Guatemala and Mexico

San José February 02, 2021

Letter to Biden Administration Urging End to Misuse of Title 42 Public Health Authority

San Jose January 22, 2021

CEJIL: President Biden Must End Safe Third Country Agreements with Central America to Guarantee Life and Protection of People in Context of Mobility

San José 18 de diciembre de 2020

Implementation of Asylum Agreement Violates Human Rights of Migrants

Guatemala, EEUU 22/10/2020

Civil Society Organizations Denounce DHS Border Externalization in Guatemala, Call for Immediate Investigation

EEUU, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras 20/05/2020

United States’ expulsion policy leaves migrants in situations of extreme vulnerability amidst border closings across the region due to COVID-19

Guatemala, EEUU 09/09/2019

Before the Constitutional Court: Immigration Agreement with the United States must first be approved by the Guatemalan Congress

EEUU, México 18/07/2019

New U.S. Regulation Violates the Rights of People in Need of International Protection

Allied organizations

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